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Color, Monza.

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At the School of Monza, Marco Serra explains the basics of scalp and hair to young participants, deepening the content and illustrating the best ways of applying of COLOREVO, with the aim of offering qualified and highly personalized services to customers.

Color Training, Amsterdam.

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Giuseppe Loria introduces the great potentiality of COLOREVO and helps develop knowledge and skills, useful to meet the customer’s need in the most effective and personalized manner. The right answer for everyone’s need.

Technical Training to Lithuanians, Prato.

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At the Tricobiotos Academy, Giuseppe Loria introduces the latest product launches to the Lithuanian group. Two full days to discover Selective Professional recent updates, and receive a tangible help, useful to develop and strengthen the hairdressers’ skills and creativity. The aim of this 2-day course is to understand the product benefits and to transform the [...]