Project Description

Mild oxidizing emulsion.

A formula developed to act specifically with MILDCOLOR and MILDBLOND.
MILDOXY with its fluid consistency and versatility, help spread the colour pigments when combined with MILDCOLOR, facilitating their penetration and guaranteeing a long-lasting colour stability. It is compatible with MILDCOLOR coloring cream and MILDBLOND powder decolorizer, with no interference. The absence of scent leaves the fragrance of MILDCOLOR and MILDBLOND unchanged.

Active principles
EXTRACT OF CHAMOMILE FLOWERS: with softening, calming and soothing properties.
COCONUT AND PALM KERNEL OIL: these oils replace those derived from petroleum, guaranteeing a perfect compatibility with the skin.

Directions for use
Guide to the choice of MILDOXY when combined with MILDCOLOR




10 3

Tone-on tone – Darker colour.

20 6

Grey hair coverage – Darker colour – Lightening from 1 to 2 tones.

30 9

Grey hair coverage – Lightening from 2 to 3 tones.

40 12

Lighten 4 tones with MILDCOLOR ultra-blonds.


Packaging: 1000 ml.